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Nissan Intelligent Key Fob Programming Instructions & Battery Replacement

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Nissan continues to push the boundaries of technology, constantly adding new intelligent features to their lineup of exciting cars, trucks, and SUVs. Nissan offers smart-driving solutions through their Safety Shield 360 suite of driver-assist systems. You can stay connected to your vehicle like never before with smartphone integration applications that provide vehicle diagnostics and remote functionality. Nissan also delivers the latest technology through the Nissan Intelligent Key Fob, an innovative way to unlock, start, stop, and lock your car.



Nissan Intelligent Key Fob Features

The next generation of access control and start/stop technology comes to Nissan owners with the Nissan Intelligent Key fob. Now you can unlock your vehicle by simply pushing the Request Switch on the door, truck, or liftgate as long as you have the key fob on you. The key fob also allows you to start your Nissan’s engine with push-button-start technology if you have the key inside the vehicle.

The Intelligent Key fob won’t allow you to lock your keys in your car any longer thanks to Lockout Protection. When the system detects the presence of the key fob inside the vehicle, it sends an audio alert and buzzes the key fob if you try and lock the doors, immediately unlocking your car so you can retrieve the key fob. 

You can contact Nissan of Streetsboro for a complete list of Nissan vehicles that feature our Intelligent Key fob technology. You’ll find lots of helpful information on the features and benefits of all Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs.

How To Program The Nissan Intelligent Key Fob

Your new Nissan will come with the Intelligent Key fob already programmed and linked to your car. If you lose a key fob and need to program a new one, Nissan has made the process simple.

  • Step One: Enter the car and lock the doors.
  • Step Two: Insert the key into the ignition, but don’t turn it to start the car. Remove the key and repeat the process six to 10 times. The hazard lights will flash twice when your vehicle accepts the key fob. You’re now in programming mode.
  • Step Three: Put the key back into the ignition and turn it to activate your electronics only. Do not attempt to start the engine. 
  • Step Four: Press any button on your Intelligent Key fob. You must do this within two seconds for the connection to activate.
  • Step Five: At this point, your Intelligent Key fob has linked to your Nissan. Exit the vehicle, stand a few feet away, and push any button on the Intelligent Key fob. If it has successfully linked to your car, the lights will flash, and the horn will beep once. 

Next, you’ll want to test the access control feature. Step up to the door with the key fob in your pocket, and depending on the model, you’ll either press the request switch on the door or lift the door handle. The door should unlock and open without you having to press a button on the key fob. You can still lock and unlock your doors and trunk by pushing the corresponding buttons on your Intelligent Key fob.

Having Trouble Programming Your Intelligent Key Fob?

If you’re experiencing difficulty programming your Intelligent Key fob, you can always bring your Nissan to the Service Department here at Nissan of Streetsboro for help. Our factory-trained technicians will program your Intelligent Key fob and have you back on the road in minutes.

How To Replace the Nissan Key Fob Battery

Like all remotes, the Intelligent Key fob operates on power provided by an internal battery. You can contact our Parts Department to get batteries for all Intelligent Key fobs. You can easily change the Nissan key fob battery yourself following these simple instructions.

  • Step One: Remove the hidden key from your Intelligent Key fob.
  • Step Two: Open the battery compartment and remove the old battery. Make sure to note the battery’s position within the compartment.
  • Step Three: Insert the new battery in the same position as the old one, with the negative side of the battery facing in the same direction as the old battery did.
  • Step Four: Close the battery compartment and return the hidden key before reassembling the outer case. 
  • Step Five: Test your key to ensure that everything works properly.

If you’re having difficulty replacing the battery, you can quickly contact our Service Department for assistance. 

Nissan Intelligent Key Fob Lockout Protection

One of the best features of the Intelligent Key fob is the Lockout Protection. This new technology utilizes location recognition to identify when your Intelligent Key fob remains within the cabin or trunk of your Nissan. No matter how many times you try to lock your car, the system will automatically unlock it if the Intelligent Key fob remains inside your vehicle. It also sends vibrational alerts to the Intelligent Key fob to help you locate your keys. If you left the Intelligent Key fob inside your trunk, the system would automatically open your trunk, too.

How Does The Intelligent Key System Work?

The Intelligent Key Fob has a built-in antenna that transmits a signal to the vehicle when you approach the car or push one of the key fob buttons. The vehicle receives the signal and activates the system, unlocking or locking doors, starting your Nissan’s engine, or opening the trunk.

The signal transmission’s range extends to 3 feet around the request switch or with the Intelligent Key fob inside the vehicle so that only the person possessing the key within range can engage the system. This clever system measures and controls the transmission signal’s output with a high degree of accuracy. Each Intelligent Key fob transmits a unique recognition code registered to your vehicle, preventing unauthorized and unregistered keys from working on your car.

Find Key Fob Programming & Replacement Help in Streetsboro

At Nissan of Streetsboro, we understand how technology can improve your life. That’s why we have an expansive inventory of new Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs loaded with all the latest in-vehicle and driver-assist tech to elevate your driving experience. We also ensure that all of our service department technicians undergo extensive training to assist you with maintaining these smart systems. If you have more questions regarding the Intelligent Key fob or any other system, you can contact our service department today or stop by anytime.


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