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Buying a truck is one of the essential steps in the lives of many working families. Buying a used truck is often better than buying a new one. There are many other advantages to consider, and we’ve listed the most notable below.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Buying a vehicle that has been around for a few years is often the best option, especially when you may not have the money to spend on a high trim level new vehicle. You can easily find a late-model used car with up-to-date technological features and a low number of miles.

You’ll be surprised how much you can save with a used vehicle, primarily when you aim for a mid-trim option with a low number of custom features. New trucks depreciate as soon as they hit the road, and sometimes by quite a lot. It is better to take advantage of the back end of that dip than it is to take the hit at the front of it.

Durability and Reliability Remain High

Trucks are known for doing the most challenging work that a civilian vehicle can, involving off-road driving, heavy towing, or a large amount of payload labor. Thankfully reputable used truck sellers do extensive checks on every aspect of their used vehicles to ensure they are worthy of new drivers. 

This is great for both parties: the dealer gains a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and excellent vehicle upkeep. The buyer acquires significant peace of mind knowing their truck won’t fall apart shortly after being driven off of the lot. Most dealers also offer a vehicle history report, so you can see every detail of the truck’s history you have in mind.

The Warranty Usually Stands or Can Be Restored

Most of the newest used trucks haven’t been driven long enough for their original warranty to lapse. Even if they have, used warranties on barely-used trucks are nearly as good and reasonably priced. Some warranties allow for extensions to the original agreement to be purchased. Keep a close eye on the mileage limit in the terms if you plan on driving around a great deal, as all plans tend to have both a time limit and a mileage limit.

Used Truck Packages

If you compare a new truck with its used counterpart from a few years back, you’ll see a sharp price difference. If you are ready to buy the latest version, you may want to reconsider. Going with the used option can save you enough cash to afford packages that can radically increase your truck’s capabilities. Off-road packages with special shocks, wheels, tires, towing packages that increase maximum towing and payload capacity, and more, can be added, so the cost ends up being near the same, but the capabilities are superior.

You’ll Know the Quirks of Your Model Year of Truck

When you get a new model year vehicle, there is no way to know its common strengths and weaknesses since there is limited information on how they perform over time. Industry drivers tend to test-drive vehicles for short periods, so they don’t see the changes that may take place in a truck over longer runs. 

If a vehicle has issues or advantages that are unexpected, you’ll know what they are and the cost involved. This foreknowledge can help make sure you set aside enough money for regular maintenance in the long run.

Used Truck Variety Is at Its Maximum

When a new truck comes out, dealerships will not have all possible configurations on their lot. Used dealers won’t either, but the range of configurations available will be far more significant since former owners will have ordered them explicitly outfitted to suit their needs. When you look for a used truck, take a close look at all the models that seem the same outside. They’re almost certainly vastly different on the inside. 

Some trucks will be maxed-out on their entertainment features because the owner wanted to enjoy their regular commutes and longer trips. Others will have comfort features galore because their owners want to relax through every drive. Still, others will have had their truck set up to handle the most demanding work. No matter what configuration you’re looking for, you’re more likely to find it in stock in a used lot.

More Options in Truck Catalogs

In terms of accessories for specific trucks, many dealerships offer more for used ones than new ones out of a desire to sell the older vehicles on their lots first. The longer they sit there, the less they are worth to a dealer. The range of available accessories is impressive. Get your hands on specialized running boards, grille guards, bed parts and sprays, head and taillights, suspension systems, towing rigs and hitches, side and rear-view mirrors with unique features, winches, custom wheels, and exhaust systems. 

You can often find tonneau covers, unique off-road lighting systems, brakes, rotors, fender flares, air intake systems, seat covers, mud flaps, flashy body kits, and even truck bed tents in these catalogs as well.

Certified Pre-Owned Used Trucks are Also Strong Options

Certified pre-owned used vehicles have fewer miles, better warranty years remaining, and even more strenuous dealer checklist protocols than your average used car. Most of the advantages above are magnified for them. Their condition is closer to new than most used vehicles in every way, so if you want to go as new as possible with your purchase, ask the experts at Nissan of Streetsboro for details.

We at Nissan of Streetsboro want nothing more than to get you into the best possible used or certified pre-owned used truck that you can imagine. Contact us and tell us what your ideal truck, trim level, and feature grouping may be. Our dedicated staff will happily guide you through our excellent inventory to find it.

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