Nissan Vehicle Protection Plans

When your vehicle’s manufacture warranty has run out, you may be responsible for all out-of-pocket costs. It could mean thousands of dollars in mechanical repairs. Our Vehicle Protection Plans (VPP) can shield you from those high costs with coverage tailored to your needs. And we pay the the licensed repair facility directly, so you don’t have to worry about high upfront costs. Explore the extended service coverage options available to you and talk to your Finance and Insurance manager to find the best option for you.



Our most affordable powertrain coverage plan which protects the most vital components on your engine, and can be the most expensive to repair. Designed for daily drivers and ideal for customers looking for budget- friendly powertrain coverage that offers protection from costly repairs.




Competitive and affordable protection that gives you peace of mind. This extended service contract protects the most vital components of your vehicle, including lubricated parts of the engine transmission, drive axle assembly, turbo/supercharger, transfer unit and some seals & gaskets, See sample contract for a detailed list of items covered and exclusions.



The Gold Protection Plan is specifically designed for owners who own high-mileage vehicles and looking to protect their investment against unexpected repairs.




A cut above coverage for high mileage vehicles. Select lubricated internal parts of the engine, transmission, drive axle assembly, turbo/supercharger, transfer unit & some seals & gaskets. Also included are parts of electrical, cooling, brakes, steering, A/C, fuel systems and suspension. See sample contract for an exhaustive list of coverage benefits.



Our Platinum Plan builds on the Gold Protection Plan by covering hundreds of additional specific components, giving you peace of mind while on the road.




Comprehensive plan covering hundreds of specific components. Highest level of stated component coverage available. See sample contract for a full list of components covered and exceptions.



Our most comprehensive plan, Titanium coverage offers maximum breakdown protection for all your vehicle’s parts with only a short list of exclusions. Ideal for drivers who rely heavily on their car’s reliability and want the closest option to manufacturer-level coverage.




Total protection from sudden breakdowns Top-level, complete coverage with a clear list of excluded components. See sample contract for a full list of components covered and exceptions.


All VIP Plans Include:
Substitute Transportation: in the event of a covered breakdown, the agreement holder will be reimbursed up to $240 for substitute transportation supplied by the issuing dealer or a licensed rental agency. Towing Service: $50 reimbursement, if your vehicle must be towed because of a covered component failure.


Now you can use our self-service portal to choose what program works best for your current vehicle!

All you need is the VIN number (Serial Number) from your car and you can get a customer protection quote in minutes!

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All internally lubricated parts within the engine
Engine Mounts
Exhaust Manifold
Flex Plate
Flywheel and ring gear
Harmonic Balancer
Intake manifold
Oil dipstick and tube
Oil pump
Oil pump drive sprocket
Cylinder head
Engine block
Oil pan
Valve covers (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
Cam bearings
Connecting rods
Oil pick-up screen
Rocker Arms
Road and main bearings
Timing belt
Timing belt tensioned
Timing chain
Timing chain tensioner
Wrist pins
All internally lubricated parts within the transmission case
Clutch plates
Friction and steel drums
All gears
Oil pump
Servo Unit
Torque converter
Transmission case (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
Transmission mounts
Vacuum modulator
Valves (internal)
Front pump
Overdrive carrier
Planetary assemblies
Reaction carrier
Input shaft
Output shaft
Valve body
Pressure regulator valve
All internally lubricated parts
All bearings
All gears
Main drive gear
Main shaft and bushings
Shaft s and spacers
Internal shifting components
Synchronizing drum
Transmission case (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
All internally lubricated parts within the drive axle housing
Center carrier bearings
Constant velocity joints
Double off set joints
Drive axle housing (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
Drive shaft/yokes
Propeller shafts
Universal joints
Axle bearing
Carrier bearing
Locking hub mechanisms
Pinion bearing
Ring and pinion gears
Universal joints
Cylinder head gasket
Intake manifold gasket
Axle gaskets
Axle seals
Cam housing gasket
Compressor gaskets
Compressor line o-rings
Compressor seals
Crankshaft seal (front)
CV Joint boots
Differential gaskets
Exhaust manifold gasket
Hub seals
Oil pan gaskets
Output shaft seal
Pinion seal
Pump seals (front)
Rear main seal
Shifter seal
Speedometer cable seal
Steering pump shaft seal
Timing cover gasket
Transfer case seal
Transmission case seals
Valve cover gasket
Wheel bearing seals
Head gasket
Transmission pan gasket
All internally lubricated parts within the transfer case
Transfer case (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
All internally lubricated parts.
Housing (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
Turbo boost valve
Turbo waste gate actyuator
Compressor clutch
Compressor pulley
Blower motor
Blower relay
Blower speed controller
Blower switch
Cut off switches (high/low)
Orifice tube
Air ducts and outlets
Ambitent temperature sensor
ATC module
Belt tensioner
Blend door actuator
Compressor coil
Engine cooling fan module
Engine cooling fan relay
Evaporator temperature sensor
Expansion valve
Heater box
Heater control valve
Idler bearing
Idler pulley
In car temperature sensor
Manifold assembly
Mode door actuator
POA valve
Schrader valve
Sight glass
Sun sensor
Temperature programmer
Vacuum actuator
Vacuum hoses
ABS motor
ABS pump
ABS sensors and module
Actuators (rear)
Brake boosters
Lines and fittings (hydraulic)
Master cylinder
Valve (proportion)
Wheel cylinders
ABS accumulator
ABS control unit
ABS hydraulic unit
Backing plates
Brake control module (electronic)
Brake ECU
Brake fluid reservoir
Brake hardware
Brake position sensor
Brake pedal shaft
Brake pressure metering valve
Brake pressure warning switch
Caliper pistons
Caliper slide pins
Control unit (hydraulic)
Enoder motor
Low fluid switch
Parking brake cables
Parking brake control pump
Parking brake lever
Pump and motor (hydraulic)
Traction control switch
Vacuum assist boosyter
Vacuum pump
Vacuum servo pump
Vacuum servo unit
Isolator dump valve
Pressure modulator valve
Blower motor
Cooling fan blade
Cooling fan clutch
Cooling fan motor
Water pump
Blower motor relay
Coolant temperature sensor
Coolant temperature switch
Heater core
Air outlet nozzle
Heater control unit (rear)
Heater control volve
Recovery unit
Analog gauges
Door lock actuators (power)
Engine control module (ECM)
Engine control unit (ECU)
Seat motor (power)
Starter drive
Starter motor
Starter solenoid
Voltage regulator
Window motor (power)
Wiper motor (front and rear)
Antenna motor (power)
Cam sensor
Coil pack
Convertible top motor
Crank sensor
Cruise control module
Cruise control servo
Cruise engagement switch
Defrost switch (rear)
Fuel management controls (electronic)
Headlamp sensors (electronic off)
Headlamp switch
Ignition coil
Ignition control unit
Ignition management controls (electronic)
Ignition module
Ignition switch
Instrument cluster (electroinic)
Keyless entry system
Level control compressor (electronic)
Manifold air temperature sensor
Mirror motor (power)
Mirror swithc (power)
Pick-up coil
Powertrain control module (PCM)
Seat switch (power)
Speed sensor
Sunroof motor (power)
Switches (all electrical manual)
Traction control pressur switch
Trunck release switch
Turn signal switch
Washer motor
Window switch (power)
Windshield switch (heated)
Wiper circuit board
Wiper switch
Electronic actuated 4WD
ABS block solenoid valve
ABS compressor
ABS pedal travel switch
ABS pressur switch
Accelerometer (front)
Accelerometer (rear)
Air change temperature sensor
Air suspension compressor
Air suspension compressor relay
Air suspension dryer assembly
AC clutch cycling swithc
AC compressor (electronic)
AC compressor RPM sensor
AC compressor temperature switch
AC mixed air sensor
AC thermostatic switch
ATC sensor assembly
Brake light switch
Body control module
Cassette player (repair only)
Central locking control module
Cigarette lighter assembly
Combination entry system (electronic)
Compact disc player (repair only)
Controller (power)
Core temperature sensor (heated)
Cruise control amplifier
Cruise control drive unit
Cruise control dump unit
Cruise control speed sensor
Defrost relay (rear)
Defroster (rear)
Dimmer control assembly (auto)
Dimmer sensor assembly
Door close assist motor
Door close assist relay
Door jam switch
Door lock cyliner
Door lock relay (power)
Driver information display
EGR valve temperature sensor
ESC module
Fan control relay
Fan thermo switch
Fog lamp relay
Fuel door operating pump
Fuel pump inertia switch
Hall effect switch
Headlamp motor
Headlamp sensors (on/off)
Headlamp washer pump
Headlamp wiper motor
Headrest switch
Hood latch/cable
Horn relay
Horn switch
Ignition coil
Ignition cyliner
Iginition management controls (electronic)
Ignition timing sensor
Impulse rotor
Inverer assembly
Panel temperature sensor
Knock sensor
Anit-knock sensor
Lamp sensor amplifier
Control motor (electronic)
Level control relay (electronic)
Level control sensor (electronic)
Limiter valve
Mileage computer
Motor (electronic)
Neutrual safety switch
Oil pressure sending unit
Sync and similar systems
Position sensor (front)
Position sensor (rear)
Power steering computer
Power steering computer (progressive)
Power steering pump (electronic)
Power train control module (PCM)
Seat back adjusting motor
Seat control processor (power)
Seat control processor sensor (power)_
Seat control unit (heated)
Seat heater element
Seat height adjusting potentiometer (power)
Seat length adjusting potentiometer (power)
Vehicle speed sensor
Speed sensor
Starter drive
Sunroof actuator (power)
Sunroof control module (power)
T.C.I switch unit
Traction control hydraulic pump motor
Traction control wheel speed sensor
Transfer case computer and sensor
Trunck close motor
Trunkc close relay
Trunk lock relay (power)
Turbo boost indicator
Turbo boost indicator sending unit
Turbo waste gate actuator
Turbo waste gate solenoid
Window regulator (power)
Windshield control assembly (heated)
Windshield relay (heated)
Wiper governor (intermittent)
Wiper trans
Wiring Harness
Fuel lines (metal)
Fuel pump (primary)
Fuel Injection pump
Fuel injectors
Map sensor
Mass air flow sensor
O2 sensor
Sending Unit
Throttle position sensor
Throttle valve switch
BAP sensor
Float gauge
Idle control valve
Idel speed control motor
Injection pump
Level sending unit
Lines (metal)
Management controls (electronic)
Metering valve
Pressure regulator
Throttle body
Throttle cable
Vauum pump
Power steering pump
Rack and pinion
All internally lubricated parts within the rack and pinion assembly
Steering box (only covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part)
Center link
Clock spring
Column shaft
Column shaft couplings
Drag link
Fluid Reservoir
Fore and aft adjust motor
Idler arms
Tie rod ends (inner)
Tie rod ends (outer)
Oil cooler
Pitman arms
Pressure switches
Rear steer drive-shaft
Rear steering control unit
Rear steering gear
Sleeves and adjusters
Steering actuators
Steering dampener
Steering gear encoder
Steering knuckle
Steering rack/pinion
Steering wheel
Stepper motor
Ball joints
Control arms (upper and lower)
Springs (rear)
Air ride compressor
Stabilizer bar
Stabilizer links and bushings
Torsion bar
Coil springs
Control arm bushings
Control arm camber strut
Control arms (lateral)
Kunckle assembly
Leaf spring shackles
Leaf springs
Mode selector switch
Radius arm bushings
Strut bearing plates
Strut height sensor
Strut mounts
Wheel bearings
Towing Reimbursement
Rental Reimbursement