Say Hello to Spring with a Nissan Service in Streetsboro

March 11th, 2019 by

Are you tired of cleaning salt off your floorboards or worried about rust after a rough winter? Don’t wait for hot temperatures to hit, instead prep your car for spring and wash away the build-up now. At Nissan of Streetsboro, we provide Nissan service and parts that refresh your vehicle. Start with a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure a safe ride in the upcoming seasons.

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Rough roads and cold temperatures cause all sorts of problems with the moving components inside cars. Battery connections corrode, filters clog with grime, and tires wear out. With a spring service, like our tire balance and rotation, you’ll put your best tire forward this spring. Plus, we offer a full line of tires and handle any type of repair to keep your tires in the best condition. Spring is also an excellent time for an oil change and fluid check. The messy weather conditions affect your filters and oil quality leading to inefficient performance. Our center offers Nissan parts in Ohio that maintain your vehicle’s value and family’s safety.

Spring clean all Nissan parts

Just like spring cleaning your home, warmer weather is a great time to make your car sparkle. Grab a towel and trash can, then clear out the winter build up inside your car. Shake out your floor mats and vacuum all the crevices. Finish up with a car wash and wax to help prevent exterior scratches. If you notice any dents or rust, then give Nissan of Streetsboro a call. Our Nissan parts and knowledgable techs help keep your car in top shape.

Join us in welcoming spring by stopping by Nissan of Streetsboro for a Nissan service. With warmer weather coming, it’s time to prep for spring and makes sure your car stays reliable. Our service team and convenient hours make regular maintenance easy for Nissan owners.

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