Celebrate National Car Care Month at Nissan of Streetsboro

April 11th, 2019 by

Help bring awareness to National Car Care Month by getting a much needed Nissan service on your vehicle this month. Our Nissan dealer in Ohio knows that regular maintenance is essential to help catch any problems before they turn into significant damage. A minor issue like a faulty thermostat can ruin an engine and lead to much bigger problems. At Nissan of Streetsboro, our team inspects your vehicle, uses genuine parts, and ensures your car stays reliable for many years.

Nothing beats a thorough inspection where you look at your tires and consider any noises that you’ve heard recently. For example, a car with poor alignment will show uneven wear on tires and could result in you needing to replace all four tires. Our team completes front end alignments and all-wheel alignments for independent suspensions. Catch an imbalance early and prevent other problems. While you’re looking at the tires, it’s a good time to inspect your brake pads also.

Your brake system keeps you and your family safe on the road. We work on both disc and drum brakes for front and rear brakes. We’ll inspect your hoses and make sure that you have a correct level of hydraulic fluid. Our team determines if you need your unit flushed or needs fluid replaced.

Lastly, don’t forget to check into your coolant system. This critical component keeps your engine running in peak performance. There are several parts, from the thermostat to the water pump, that can fail. If you notice any leaks or engine check lights, then schedule a Nissan service at Nissan of Streetsboro.

Take advantage of National Car Care Month by scheduling service at our Nissan dealer in Ohio. Our team ensures that your car is road-worthy and safe for your entire family.

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